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Blog entries by Bea Rector

Bea Rector
Bea Rector is the Director of the Home and Community Services (HCS) Division within the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration in Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services.  She has held a number of leadership positions within the division responsible for planning and administering federal and state services for individuals with disabilities, older adults and their caregivers for twenty years. Prior to that, she spent the first ten years of her career at a large non-profit home care agency.
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Washington State's Success with Long-Term Services and Supports

By: Bea Rector, April 23, 2019

Washington State has consistently ranked among top-performing states in the AARP Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) State Scorecard. My colleagues and I are often asked: “How do you do that?” The reality is that there is no single...