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Blog topic: Home and community based services

Protect family caregiver blog

Some State and Local Laws Protect Family Caregivers at Work, More Are Needed

One day, with no warning and no prior history of discipline, Theatrice Ann Coats was fired from her job, allegedly for eating food at her desk. But the real reason may have been something that happened weeks earlier. When...

Moving on from COVID19 in LongTerm Care blog

Moving on From COVID-19 in Long-Term Care

By: Susan Reinhard, June 02, 2021

COVID-19 spoke to us about an issue long overdue for attention, and it is now time to heed its message. That issue is long-term care. To be sure, the pandemic has changed the way we think of long-term care,...

state opportunity blog

States Have Immediate Opportunities for New Federal Funding Of Home and Community-Based Services

By: Brian BurwellSusan Reinhard, May 27, 2021

As AARP’s Long-Term Services and Supports State Scorecard makes clear, states are offering consumers more choices for long-term services and supports (LTSS), but we still have far to go to balance institutional care and home and community-based services (HCBS). ...

Presumptive eligibility blog

Helping People Live at Home: Presuming Eligibility for Medicaid

By: Susan ReinhardBea Rector, May 04, 2021

If there is one thing that our COVID-19 pandemic experience has taught us, it is that we should do all we can to avoid unwanted admissions to nursing facilities. It is true that some people want to go to...